Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness. ~
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Being kind to a stranger and go out of your way to help is pretty rare these days, although by Gods grace I experience the kindness of people constantly around me. They uphold my strong believe that humanity without personal benefits still exists.

And how this believe got a confirmation is going to be revealed in this next blog.

Time stamp: 17.30, 6th of January

If you follow my postings on FaceBook, you know that I am organizing a concert next month. And organizing an event brings along all possible forms of organizational issues that need to be solved within a certain time frame.

For the concert ‘The Creation of Something Meaningful’ I had this wish to do something special for guests who have visited previous concerts of DesiYUP. By sending a personal invite I thought to express my appreciation towards visitors.

The Christmas post stamps that I had bought for this occasion had a validation till the 6th of January and I saw on the letterbox that the postman will collect the letters after 18.00.  So as usually, I was in a rush and asked my dearest friend Anita to help me out in respecting this deadline.

On the 6th of January I received the printed invitation cards and after school I went with Anita to print out the invitation letters. It was around 17.00 o’clock when we came close to my house and decided to get some French fries to fill our hungry stomachs. Right near the snack bar we have our postal box. We stepped out of the snack bar and saw that the postman just finished collecting all the letters from the postal box.

You are too early, you where supposed to come after 18.00 ”, I said to the postman. He was taken back my reaction and I continued with my complains, making my problem his problem! I asked him about possibilities to solve my problem and he called up the post collection department. After he hung up he said, “sorry Madame, nothing is possible, you cannot use your Christmas stamps after today, or you can use them next year…” “Ohh no…”, I thought, another delay in sending the invites and what a waste of money.

Then the postman came up with an unexpected, but brilliant solution. He said, “I will make my round and come back to your place to collect your letters”, handing me over a bag for my letters. I was thrilled!  Gave him my business card, thanked him for his kindness and rushed home with Anita, forgetting all about our hungry stomachs.

With the help of Mr Postman we succeed in sending the invitations on time. So I am more than happy to say that God’s grace is upon me helping and protecting me in different ways, making not only my dream, but also the dreams of others a reality.



Whenever I am deeply troubled and in need of a solution I think of God.

For as long as two weeks I was searching for a moment of clarity to eliminate my insecurities and dilemma’s.

But before I continue with my story, I have to recap…Three weeks ago I was sitting at home, thinking about the concert that I’m organizing on the 23 rd. of February with Shammi Pithia. I was thinking about the concept of this concert. And a few questions arose.

What do I want to achieve with it? What is my message that I want to convey with the visitors? And how do I connect listeners of Indian classical music with the magical melodies and freshness of crossover music?

And the first person I thought of was Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, the God of Bansuri (Indian flute instrument). He has this phenomenal music career; he is respected worldwide for his musical achievements and is one of the 25 living legends of India.

I thought about the conversation that I had with him two years ago. During our interview he surprised me with his devotion for music, the appreciation that he has for upcoming talents and his humbleness towards his own music ability and talent. His warm hearted smile was frozen in my mind and I said to myself let’s give it a try, why not invite the God of Bansuri to attend Shammi’s concert.

While typing my email I had no expectations, I just wanted to write to him, explaining to him the concept of the concert and nine days later I received a very kind reply back, that he has no other commitments and that he would love to come and join the concert as our special guest. This was the best news that I could get and my heart was overjoyed! Unbelievable that he said yes…..

From then on I was trying to figure out how I’m going to manage the expenses. For twelve days I troubled myself to find a solution, but on the 30th of December in a split second the omnipresent took away all my doubts by asking me a simple question; what is the worst thing that I can think of that will happen which will cause damage to this concert? The lose of money….I would still be alive to earn some more right to pay off possible debts.…..

So I decided to bring Pandit Chaurasia over with my own savings. The worst thing that could happen is that I had to deduct extra money from my own pocket to cover the expenses of this concert.  It is not worth it to miss out blessings from the man who is the God of bansuri. With his presence he will make a statement that there is no need to think in strict boxes. Music is music, be it classical or crossover.  And they can go hand in hand together, depending on the knowledge, love and dedication of an artist, which Shammi has in abundance.