She is

She is ma

She is firm

She is a fort

She is fearless

She is a creator

She is a destroyer

She is a preserver

She rides on a lion

She is self-sufficient

She is the supreme power

She has many incarnations

She resembles righteousness

She assures freedom from fear

She is free from all kind doubts

She has mastered all her qualities

She is armed with deadly weapons

She is ‘pranava’ (life) flowing in every being


She is known as the Mother of this universe; she is Durga Bhavani Ma who I pray to, who I devote my work to, who I devote myself to. She is the source of enlightenment for me. She is my inspiration. She blesses me!

Wishing you all who meditate during this auspicious period of nine days, dedicated to Devi’s nine forms, a Subh Navratri.

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