“He had touched her so intimately, and He, the great, dark-hued Lord was smitten to see her sidelong glances. For ah, she was bewitching. In a wink, Vishnu assumed a God’s four-armed, dusky, brilliant form, and he flew up to her, and took her in his magnificent arms. And she melted against him in tidal desire, and they began to make love in the sky, and in the water, and his glad shouts and her soft screams rang everywhere! For a year of the Devas their loving lasted and not he, nor she was conscious of what they did, but they where lost in a deep swoon of each other”. (p.396)

This is just one of the lovemaking passages of the Devi Bhagvatam Retold written by Ramesh Menon. It took me a good few months to read his 514 pages of retelling of the most sacred book. The Shaktas worship Shakti, the eternal feminine, in this book all her forms and legends are described: Durga, Kali, Sita, Parvati, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Ganga, and Radha are just a few names out of the thousands names that Devi has.

After reading this book I tried to grasp what triggered me the most, it weren’t the different forms of Devi or her famous legends, but the passages that picture intimacy, celebrating divine, unconditional affection, the foundation of creation, the tenderness between man (purusha) and women (prakriti).

“How shall I find peace when my mind is as restless as the wind?” (p. 170)

Sexuality is one of the corner stones of our lives; in fact for a healthy relationship it is essential to have a good sexual understanding and to be attracted towards each other. Still I am so amazed that in today’s time sexuality is seen in such a simplistic way. It’s all about shaking asses, big breasts, penis length and quickies, not lasting longer than 5 minutes. And due to modern technology we prefer our mobile devices above quality time with our consort…. but this is just a note on the side-line.

I’m much more interested in the concept passion. What if a relationship is lacking passion? What if a partner only has interest in the intercourse itself than exploring every inch of his beloved body over and over again? And what if one is only interested in fulfilling own physical needs? Eventually, it will break down the fundament of the most sacred corner stone of life.

Dedication towards our companion will decrease if the interest to love, hold, kiss and cuddle another is gone by time. And how many of us deal with the awkwardness of talking about the emptiness that one feels after unsatisfied intercourse? We mention it to our friends, and they will definitely come up with some brilliant modern time solutions. For women, buy some sexy lingerie, go for a Brazilian wax and for man, give her flowers, chocolates and she will melt in your arms and give you a mind-blowing blow job. Unfortunately these are mere temporary solutions to keep the economy running, but it won’t last as an eternal, everlasting love story!

So what is left to boost some passion in one’s life? After reading the Devi Bhagvatam retelling I’m sure it is unconditional affection, willing to invest time and to act above own personal needs and pleasures. Connecting with your partner on a much higher emotional level of love, one-ness and deep passionate consciousness. I’m not saying that this is the one and only solution, but for sure it is good enough to bring some change in one’s love life.


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