Goodbye 2013

Goodbye 2013

The year 2013 is nearly coming towards it’s end and Christmas has come and taken over the hearths of millions, spreading it with divine light. Which is so necessary to challenge the darkness in which we are all surrounded by.

The darkness that I’m talking about, is not the darkness that we experience when the sun goes down. It’s the darkness that is inside of us. The darkness defined by (financial) insecurities, worries, illness, heartbreaks, ignorance and most importantly our perspective of injustice.

It is a challenge to overcome all those negativities as mentioned above. To grow and become a better human being, to close chapters in life and move forward with a positive attitude, at least for me, can only happen with faith.

Faith is not an outside object, which can be included in our lives with ease, it’s much more than that. The complexity of faith is what makes me so curious about life. To understand how faith works I had to face successes and failures in 2013. I constantly had to challenge others and myself, I had to sacrifice a part of myself  (read: emotions) to uphold my principles in life, but more importantly I understood the magic of faith by believing. Call it God, the Universe or karma….

Faith becomes stronger when there is courage to challenge a system, to challenge your own ideologies and as Mahatma Gandhi said, to be the change in the world that you wish to see. Very easy to say, but so difficult to act upon!

We all have our individual battlefields, but depending on our faith, we will win or lose battles in life. Success does not come overnight, nor does acceptance when we fail. It takes time to recover from our losses and lick our wounds, but faith in righteousness helps us to grow spiritually and to come one step closer in lighting the lamps of wisdom in our hearts, filling it with divine light and say a merciful goodbye to the darkness.

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